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Win Back Your Customers

Let's face it, sometimes our customers have such bad experiences and they never want to come back. In an environment where most customers will run to social media or their immediate network to vent about a bad customer experience, it pays to reach out to customers who haven't purchased or interacted with your brand in a while.

But how do you reach out to someone who had a negative experience? Customers appreciate it when they are noticed.

But before you dive in, I want you to have realistic expectations. Not every customer will have or be willing to give you a reason. The plus side, you're reminding them that your business exists and that you want to see them soon!

A few tips:

You can send this message on different platforms and in different formats.⁠




If you choose to send it in a survey format, you can include multiple choice options to keep it simple for the customer:⁠

✔️I didn't find what I was looking for⁠

✔️I purchased from another brand⁠

✔️I don't need to purchase anything⁠


Below is an easy script you can use, targeting your dormant customers, to bring them back to your business.

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