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Quick and Easy Tips to Analyse Your Business' Customer Experience

Why focus on just customer service when you can focus on improving the overall customer experience? Below are simple steps you can take to analyze and improve your brands existing customer experience. Who doesn't love free tips?!

CX Tool #1: Identify Your Ideal Customer - You can't begin to develop customer experience if you don't know who your ideal customer is. Here's two ways to think about it.

- Who would get the most value from your products or services if given the opportunity to buy them?

- Who, if offered an amazing experience, will keep coming back again?

Still not sure who your ideal customer is? Don't worry. It's never too late to start. The best way to start is to begin collecting data. Create a short simple survey asking your customers:

- Who they are? (name)

- What they do? (occupation)

- What they use your product/service for? (value)

Now that you have this basic information, you can begin to build your customer personas.

Cx Tool #2: Identifying key customer touchpoints. If you made it to our last Bawoni X Boss Ladies session, then you know what we're talking about. A touch point is every point of contact/interaction between a business and it's customers. To understand what you want your customer experience to look like is to understand what every touch point should look like at each point along your customer's journey. Here are a few examples of touch points:

- Point of Sale

- Instagram DM

- First time website visits

- Customer cancellations

- Product Returns

- After sale service

How many touch points do you have along your customer journey? Think about every way your brand interacts with a customer before, during and after a sale.

CX Tool #3: Collect Customer Feedback and Insights! Customer feedback is so vital in developing your customer experience and building a loyal customer base. Positive feedback is good but negative feedback is actually great. It shows you all the gaps or weaknesses in your customer experience and pinpoints exactly where you should focus on developing.

We hope these 3 CX tools help you in analyzing and improving your overall customer experience.

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