Don't shoot the Courier! - 5 Customer Experience Tips for Delivery Services

Are you thinking of setting up delivery services in order to get your products to your customers?

Tired of Losing customers due to COVID-19?

Delivery services are a great way to get your products directly to your customer while practicing social distancing. It's convenient and it allows you to remain engaged with your customers.

1.Allocate a designated delivery space.

Allocate a space within your business solely for processing and packaging delivery orders. This ensures that delivery orders do not interfere with other services your business may be offering.

2. Make sure your technology is up to date.

If your business uses a Point of Sale System for all purchases, ensure that you have updated it to indicate which orders are delivery orders. This data is valuable in operating your business.

3. Recruit/Allocate a delivery specialist.

As people practice social distancing or you limit your walk in services, your employees may be inundated with delivery orders. In order to ensure efficiency and consistency, it may serve your business better to have a designated "delivery specialist".

Delivery Specialist - This employee will be responsible for processing the order, ensuring that all procedures are carried out and that quality standards are maintained. Develop a standard operating procedure for the Delivery Specialist to follow in order to ensure positive and professional service delivery. We offer SOP development services

4.Invest in the Right Packaging.

This is so important, especially now! You want to make sure the packaging used is not tampered with and protects your product as well as your customer from any infection or contamination.

5. Be kind to your Couriers.

  • Whether you are using your own couriers or relying on a third party courier, they will be the face of your brand as they make the deliveries. It goes a long way to treat them well. 

  • IF a customer has a poor experience with a third party courier, they will blame your brand, not the courier company.

  • To make a couriers job easier, we encourage you to ensure that they have direct contact with an employee within your business (see Point.3) to inform of delays or issues promptly.

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