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Celebrate Your Victories

While focusing on your commitment to improving your customer experience, it's important to celebrate your victories each day. This can look different for each of us. What does a customer experience victory look like to you?

Here are a few different victories that you should celebrate:

- A positive customer review or customer feedback

- A customer referral

- A social media share/repost by a customer

- Unsolicited & detailed customer feedback

- A new customer becoming a repeat customer

There are so many ways to qualify and quantify customer experience victories. Customer experience is great because you can measure it. By measuring it, you can set objectives and key results that you want to see in your business. Send me an email, if you'd like to know how to set great objectives that help your business grow.

Oh by the way, I recently had a great discussion with Stephanie, CEO of Colorbox Cosmetics, on Instagram live and we discussed everything from how to develop customer experience to how to hire when you are building a customer-focused brand.

Remember, it's KEY to celebrate your customer experience victories.

Watch my IG live discussion

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