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An Insiders Cheatsheet to Empathy in Customer Service

Empathy is the ability to understand and connect with someone's feelings. Empathy is a soft skill. One of the most desired customer service skills. Is it possible to deliver excellent customer service without empathy?

The answer is NO.

In customer service:

  • Empathy affirms a customer's feelings.

  • Empathy indicates that you can understand their pain or frustration

So why is empathy important?

  • Empathy helps customers feel heard.

  • Empathy acknowledges their feelings.

  • Empathy ensures a good customer experience.

As a business that focuses on empathy, it demonstrates that you are thoughtfully shaping the customer experience. When customers are treated as individuals rather than a revenue source throughout the customer journey, it develops customer loyalty. Promoting empathy when dealing with customers means more meaningful customer experiences.

For a mother that has a fidgety child, something as simple as offering a game or a colouring sheet with crayons can go a long way to make her experience more enjoyable.

There is no genuine customer service without empathy.

So, what does empathy look like in customer service?

  • Acknowledge how the customers are feeling by repeating the problem back to them in a different way.

  • Match your tone with the customers tone; use humour, professional phrases, casual phrases. (This does not mean be rude when a customer is rude)

  • Offer solutions with advice relevant to customer's priorities.

  • Anticipate what the customer would need next.

Empath directly impacts customer satisfaction. When customers feel listened to and understood, they are likely to be more satisfied.

So what steps are you going to take this week to focus on adding empathy to your customer service?

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