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Customer Service Gone Wrong: Midlands Savings

Updated: May 28, 2019

Last year, a frustrated customer was physically assaulted by security personnel at a local savings and loans bank in Accra (Read news article here). This was a critical and expensive lesson not only for the business but for the security personnel as well. It begs a question, how do we define customer service personnel in Ghana?

Is it simply the employees that are directly involved in primary/monetary transactions with the customer?

We seem to overlook a whole section of employees that in essence provide customer service; the security men, the parking attendants; the cleaners etc.

Would the situation have panned out differently if this security guard had been educated on customer service and dispute resolution? Does your business have a system in place to handle frustrated and unruly customers at your business?

In this case, the business not only did not have a system in place but they did almost nothing to control the situation and resolve it in an amicable manner. It would appear that no-one at Midlands Savings was well equipped to handle this situation before it escalated to what it became.

Key learners from Midlands Savings:

1. Have a general customer service/experience training for ALL staff that interact with customers regularly. At most financial institutions in Ghana, security is the first point of contact when customers get to the business.

2. Have a system in place to deal with frustrated and unruly customers. At least one manager should be well trained in dispute resolution and problem solving. There should always be an employee available to handle conflict in a calm and reasonable manner to ensure that the customer leaves the business with a positive experience.

3. Understand the limitations of each employee's role. The security guard overstepped his role by getting involved with the customer in the manner that he did. Yes, his job is to ensure the safety of all customer's on the premise but at no point did the customer threaten or become violent with other customers. The security guard should have notified management and had the appropriate individuals quell the situation in an appropriate manner without it getting physical.

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