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Feedback? What's the big deal?

Hearing what someone has to say about you is not always the easiest thing. Similarly in business, hearing what your clientele has to say is important for growth.

What is Feedback ?

Feedback is the term used to describe the response of a client after patronizing a product or service. It can be good, bad or not relevant.

Every client interacts differently with the service or product of a business. Therefore, it is imperative that you pay attention to the feedback received.

Interpreting and using the information gathered means organizing the system of collection and the data received.

Why is Feedback Necessary?

-It signals to your clients that you care about them

-It helps identify what needs to be improved about your product/service

-It helps you create better experiences for your clients/customers

-It helps the business to make more accurate decisions

Feedback can also be collected from employees as well as vendors/suppliers

You can collect feedback by asking directly or by observation

Direct Feedback

-Have a friendly, non-confrontational discussion with the client.

-Asking client to fill out survey to find out specific information.

-Paper forms

-Digital forms (using online forms or apps)

-Email contact forms

-Using WhatsApp to ask clients about the product/service provided

Indirect Feedback

-Observe how clients interact with product

-Using social media to find out what clients are saying about your product.

The entire aim of feedback is having a system of collecting data. Making decisions based on concrete data means that you can expect better results.

In our next blog we will delve deeper into organizing feedback collection and turning it into usable data.

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