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Is the customer the centre of your business?

Think back to the first time that idea popped into your head. What was the major driver for your product or service? A need identified in a market or your sole ability to create the product or service.

Whatever your answer is, the customer is the end point of your product.

In business, demand can be characterized in two ways:


In this category demand for a product is usually created after the product has been developed and produced.


In this category the product is usually created after the demand of the market has been assessed. Therefore the nature and attributes of the product depend on the demand of the market.

As a business owner which way are you likely to choose?

In reality, demand is usually mixed in the market. This is because the consumers’ perspective is key to the success of any business.

Knowing the needs of the customer even before they do, and incorporating it into the design of your product gives your business a competitive edge.

Being customer centric also goes beyond the designing of the product.

Know that everything you decide to do for your business affects your clientele.

Here's a few factors to think about:

-How does the physical set up affect the customer/client? Will it affect their patronage of your product or service?

-Where are you sourcing from? Will your clientele be happy with that information?

-Who has to do more ‘work’ in the business interaction? You or the customer/client?

-What is the fastest way of a client/customer can reach you?

-Will a comment or question from a client be received in good faith or with excuses or reasons…?

Finally, here's a few tips on how to make your business more customer centric:

- Develop a good relationship with your clients to make them more comfortable to give you feedback.

- In thinking about a new product make sure to have a good idea of the needs of your potential market and incorporate thoughts and opinions that are relevant to your product.

- Organize the end-to-end operations in your establishment around your customers/clients.

- Ordering process

- Delivery processes

- Feedback systems

- Ambience and Feel of the space

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