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Healthy Living...New Year, New Me

Look at all that gorgeous melanin!

To continue with our healthy living or New Year, New Me theme, we would like to highlight 3 retail brands that sell ALL NATURAL products in Ghana. These three brands are absolutely killing it on the market.

First, I should start by saying most people understand Bawoni to be a consultancy that works only with small to medium sized restaurants and businesses in the restaurant/hospitality/food industry. In fact, most people think we are solely focused on customer service. Yes, the core of our business is focused on service delivery and quality. But Bawoni also works closely with small to medium businesses to provide service quality and client service solutions as well as business tools to encourage business growth. We provide consultation on operations, Point of Sale solutions and service delivery to name a few.

Now back to Healthy living. Ghana is rich in natural resources. Fortunately for us, we have several go getters that have started businesses and created products with all natural, locally sourced material and quality that can rival brands on the global market.

Below are my 3 top all natural retail brands:

1, Skin Gourmet:

Skin Gourmet is an excellent brand to try out. They have an amazing selection of butters, oils, lip balms and so much more. As if they couldn't be any cooler, they also have an excellent recycling program for their glass jars. You can find Skin Gourmet on Instagram - @skingourmet.

2. Teiva

Teiva Skincare is one of my favorite brands. I've been using their products consistently for the last year and half. Teiva skincare is an all natural beauty brand. You can find a wide selection of body butters, toners, soaps, lotions and masks and so much more. Did I already say these beauty products are all natural? Best part, you won't break the bank purchasing Teiva products. I love their Witch Hazel Toner and would definitely recommend it. (Teiva Skincare Instagram - @teivaskincare)

3. Tree of Life

Tree of Life is also an excellent natural brand. I've used their coconut oil for the last year for my skin, food, face masks, smoothies..only to name a few uses. They have very reasonable prices and also sell consumables like teas, powders and nuts. All their products are high quality and easily accessible as they have two locations in Accra - Osu and Dzorwulu. (Tree of Life Instagram,: @Treeoflifeghana)

So New Year, New You right..? Give these brands a try. Don't forget, health is also dependent on what you put on your body just as much as what you consume.

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