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Trend Alert: Salad, anyone?

Trend Alert! Ghanaians are eating healthier? Is this a generational thing? Who knows. In the last 2 to 3 years, we've seen an increase in healthy menu options in Ghana's restaurant and hospitality industry. Ghanaian food, when made the right way, can be extremely healthy. But our menus have been saturated with greasy menu items like fried rice, fried chicken, fried plantain etc for years.

But change is happening...Not only are restaurants offering healthier options but retailers are also stocking their shelves with healthy and organic produce and products. We're seeing more non-dairy, gluten free, vegan and vegetarian options on the market. I love it.

When I lived in Ghana in 2012, there were only 1 or 2 places that I could go to for consistently great salads and healthy menu options - Josies Cuppa Cappucino and Fresh Bites. Fast forward to 2018, we have CHOICE people! Currently, we see an increase in healthy menu options to match the demand. Yes, there are a lot of diet trends but I do believe that people generally want to eat healthy. I've never really watched what I eat but once I got closer to 30, I had a few health scares that forced me to pay attention to what I put in my body. So this surge in healthy restaurants is just what I needed.

Let's be real - this is the right time of the year to highlight healthy restaurants and eateries. Most people have at least one new year's resolution that includes something related to health - eating better or working out. This article is for you! New year, new me, right?

I just wanted to highlight a few great restaurants and eateries that are consistently putting out excellent and delicious healthy menu options. You can indulge and not feel bad about it.

1. Cafe Kwae - Location: One airport Square, Airport City

Owned by the same visionary behind Fresh Bites, which literally kept me sane in 2012, Cafe Kwae is one of my go to places to work in a great atmosphere and have a healthy meal. You can find healthy salads, lunches, sandwiches, breakfasts... the list goes on.

2. Green Eats - Location: Nyaniba Estates

One of Accra's freshest (literally) Salad Bars that is a must visit! They offer a "build your own salad" menu with a wide range of toppings - olives, quinoa, brown rice, chicken, beef, broccoli...so much more. You could literally eat there all week and never get bored. In addition to salads, you can get great smoothies. I highly recommend their green smoothie and their lemon iced tea.

3. Josies Cuppa Cappucino - Location: Airport

Josie's has consistently been putting out healthy sandwiches, salads, smoothies and many other meals for years! Consistency is the key word. You can't really go wrong with Josies.

4. Mango and Wheat - Location: Kanda

Mango and Wheat is definitely one of my absolute favourite healthy eateries. They are so dedicated to healthy eating and healthy living that they use environmentally friendly packaging for all their products. You can find a delectable selection of salads, sandwiches, pastries, smoothies, fresh juices and desserts.

All great places to try out even for people who are not on a healthy journey. We're hoping to see even more healthy restaurants spring up. I heard rumblings of a vegan restaurant. Let's see if that actually happens.

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