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How to Lose Customers 101

I happened to come across a discussion online about a coffee shop promoting a free cupcake with a purchased coffee. After posting on their Facebook and Instagram accounts, excited customers went to various locations on Friday only to be told by staff that they were unaware of the promotion.

This would have certainly presented various problems for the coffee chain in Canada or the US where people are serious caffeine addicts. However, in Ghana, where there's a limited number of options when it comes to good coffee, they could easily get away with false advertising.

Whether it was an April Fool prank or just bad social media marketing practices, failing to deliver is a sure way to lose customers. First rule is to always make sure that the customer is happy. Failing to deliver on a promotion can lead to a loss of trust in your establishment.

Here's a few ways to ensure that your customer is happy:

1. Follow through with a promotion

If the information is out there, as a business it benefits you more to follow through on the promotion. This ensures a positive experience for the customer and builds trust.

2. Efficient and Effective damage control

If this coffee shop's blunder was a miscommunication between their marketing team and their staff, staff should be trained to think on their feet and ensure that the customer leaves happy with the service. For example, even though the staff was unable to give out free cupcakes, they could have offered a free cookie or upsizing the client's coffee. That way, if the customer were to discuss their experience with their friends, they would likely end their story in a positive manner stating that the staff was willing to offer them something rather than nothing.

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