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3 Tips to ensure customers feel welcome

For any business to succeed, excellent customer service is key. The quality of customer service you provide directly impacts various aspects of your business including customer retention and revenue.

Think about it...Would you return to a restaurant where you were served water from a dirty glass? How about patronising a restaurant and not being acknowledged by staff? How about being served cold food instead of a hot, delicious meal?

Harvard Business School conducted a study on a popular coffee shop and confirmed that customer satisfaction directly impacts revenue. In addition to that, a Customer Experience Report revealed that one of the main reasons a customer will choose not to return to a food establishment is because of poor quality and horrible customer service.

So here's what we suggest you do to make your customers feel welcome the minute they enter your establishment.

1.A Hearty and Warm Greeting

Customers are immediately conscious of their surroundings and the way they are treated once they enter your establishment. To ensure that you are providing an experience and not simply a meal, ensure that your staff on duty are quick to acknowledge and welcome your customers into your establishment.

2. Seat Your Customer Immediately

Leaving a customer standing around makes most customers antsy...no matter how toasty warm your greeting was when they entered. Not seating a customer immediately gives the impression that the floor is poorly managed. Unless, it's a fast food restaurant or a very casual restaurant, customers should be asked how big their party is and immediately led to a suitable table. Staff should have menus in hand so that the customer's positive experience remains fluid. Breaks in good customer service - for example, being seated but not presented with a menu - can frustrate a customer and negate from the experience they are having.

3. Build Rapport with Your Customer

Building rapport is VERY important. Wait staff should introduce themselves to their customers and go a step further by expressing interest in their customer in a professional manner. The following simple questions can take a dining experience from BLAH to an exceptional recommendation to the customers network of friends and associates.

  • How has your day been?

  • Have you dined here [Insert establishments name] before?

  • Is there anything in particular you would like to try?

  • Would you mind if I tell you a bit more about our specialties?

These three simple and easy to follow steps will guarantee that at the very least, your customer will have a positive experience within the first 10 minutes spent in your establishment.

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