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The Importance of Social Media Part II

As Facebook and Twitter become emerging platforms used for customer service/client service, the concept of Social [Media] Care has become more pronounced. Social care is basically customer service provided through social media. It has been proven to positively impact customer loyalty and has also increased customer service expectations in the past few years. The truth is, it is simple no longer sufficient for a business to just have a social media presence. They must have a social media customer care team or be equipped to provide social care on all their social media platforms.

Effective Social Care means you must PRIORITISE

Social Care gives your business the data it needs to find out what your customer's feedback and concerns are. For larger companies it may be harder to track and respond to every single social media mention. However, for a business' customer care to remain effective, their client service team must look out for mentions that include the following:

  • Complaints from customers

  • Product/Service enquiries or requests

  • Issues that are affecting multiple users at one time. For example - power outages, ISP outages etc.

These type of mentions must be responded to as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Once these have been dealt with, your customer care team can move on to less time sensitive mentions including thanking customers for positive feedback and responding to comments made about your brand/company etc.

Knowing when to take an issue offline:

As important as social care is in offering transparency to both client and business, your customer service team must be able to determine when to take an issue offline.

Not every issue can be easily resolved on social media. With platforms like Twitter which limit your team to 140 characters or less, your customer care team must be able to ascertain when an issue/social media interaction must be moved offline.

Overall, it is advisable to move a conversation offline when there will need to be an exchange of personal data such as a phone number, email address or credit card information. Also, in the case where there are too many back and forth replies, it is important for the customer care representative to move the conversation "offline" in order not to lose the customer.

Please keep in mind that moving "offline" may be as simple as sending a private message or calling the client for more detailed feedback or a conversation.

Paying attention to these simple points will most certainly boost your customer loyalty and strengthen your brand!

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