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The Importance of Social Media Part I

Most businesses rely on online customer support like social media as a marketing tool. But social media is just as important and actually becoming increasingly more important as a tool for customer service support. Social media helps your business because it allows you to be where your customers and potential customers are. You can find them by searching for mentions of your brand on popular social media platforms and find out what they are discussing.

3 Reasons Why You Should Use Social Media as a Customer Service Tool

1.Join the conversation

If customers are not already talking about you, social media gives you the opportunity to join existing conversations that are relevant to your industry. This gives you a better idea of what conversations are going on within your industry and what is important to your industry's customers.

2.Allows you to listen to what your customers have to say

If you already have a social media presence, customers will assume that you care and will listen to what they have to say. The customer's perspective is very important to the health of your business. Customers area also increasingly on the lookout for a direct response to their questions or complaints.

3.Speed is Important

With social media being accessible anywhere, everywhere AND at the tips of our fingers, customers have become more impatient. They expect exact responses in the quickest time possible even if it is just an acknowledgment. You cannot afford to be slow when responding because customers know how social media works. They are aware that you will receive a notification when they contact you. Facebook even provides customers with data on your response rate. Despite the fact that timing is important, you are still at an advantage. Unlike traditional customer service tools, like telephone customer service, social media allows you to think carefully about your response and to edit it before you click send!

So remember, join the conversation, listen to your customers and respond as fast as you can!We hope these 3 tips help you understand the importance of social media as a customer service tool and improves your business's service quality!

Stay tuned for Part 2!

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