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How to deal with Hangry Customers

Hangry? Yes, that word actually exists. Hangry refers to a state of hunger and anger. For some customers, all reason goes out of the window. How does your staff deal with a hangry customer? Recently, a woman in Virginia was bitten by a hangry customer who had received a wrong order. Crazy, right?

When a hangry customer arrives at your establishment, your staff will require extra patience to deal with them to ensure that they leave with a positive experience.

For irate customers, not much can be said or done to calm them down other than ensuring that their food is served to them in a swift manner. Wait staff must be patient and remain upbeat but not too cheery, that can annoy the customer further.

Here are three cardinal rules that will ensure that your staff survives the wrath of a hangry customer:

Remain Calm

Once you have identified a customer as hangry, please remain calm. Maintaining calm will ensure that the client/customer is not further agitated by your staff being flustered or on edge.

Use Your Listening Skills

Most customers will want to vent. Actively listening to them and maintaining eye contact can help diffuse the situation. Body language and attitude is also very important. Remember to remain upbeat, positive and smile appropriately.

Actively Sympathize

Sympathising with your customer is key. A hangry customer will most likely ask how long the food will take to be ready or ask for you to rush the order. Once they are seated and have placed their order, it helps to offer them something to munch on to keep them calm. For example, peanuts, plantain or cassava chips. This will buy you a few more minutes till their order is ready.

Hopefully, you do not have to deal with too many irate/hangry customers but these three tips should help if you do.

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