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We help businesses develop lasting Customer Experiences

Bawoni addresses the need for the development of customer experience within businesses in the hospitality, retail and service industry.


We support business owners through our services focused on customer experience development and resources. This fosters a more competitive and customer - focused business environment that leads to customer retention and loyalty for business growth.


Our end-to-end approach means that we identify each customer's unique needs in order to provide transformative, customized solutions that address operational gaps that may lead to sub-standard customer service delivery and overall customer experiences.

Our Core Services:

Customer Service Training & Development Programs

Customer Experience Audit

Mystery Dining (Restaurant Industry)

Mystery Guest  (Hotel and Lodging Industry)

Mystery Shopping (Retail Industry)

Customer Experience Development

Our team is available to help you keep your customers happy. Contact us on 0544285070 via Phone or WhatsApp for more information on how we can help you develop excellent customer experiences for your customers.

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